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a shopping experience like no other

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make sure travismathew is on the guest list for your next event!

The TravisMathew Experience generates an unparalleled energy that will surely deliver a unique guest experience at your next big event!  We cater an interactive shopping experience that is unlike anything your event participants have seen and will be the talk of the group for months to follow.  Make sure your event is the next stop for the legendary TM experience!

“TravisMathew was the cornerstone to the best Member-Guest to date at Martis Camp!  The vehicle itself was a ‘great hang’ and the tee prizes were as cool and usable as it gets.  Also, the TravisMathew team was professional, friendly and supported our event in a great way!  Thank you, TravisMathew!” – Tony Neadeau, PGA Head Professional



what’s included?

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What will G&G bring?

  • TravisMathew Mobile Trailer (BC & Alberta only in 2019)

  • TravisMathew Tents

  • Tables w/ TravisMathew Table Covers

  • TravisMathew Sky Flags

  • Rolling Racks

  • TravisMathew Product to provide your shopping experience

  • Custom TravisMathew Ladder Golf

  • Custom TravisMathew Chippo Golf

  • Custom TravisMathew Cornhole Game

  • Custom TravisMathew Paddle Ball Game

  • Custom TravisMathew Life Size Jenga Game (BC & Alberta only in 2019)

  • TravisMathew Promotional Gift Pack for each guest ($30 Value)

  • Custom TravisMathew Red Solo Cups

  • Music


what happens on event day?

TravisMathew event staff will be there at all times to help run the event smoothly.

Set up and tear down is on us, no need to worry! A power source provided by the host venue is required. The TravisMathew team will be there to set up roughly 1-2 hours before participants start to arrive for the event.

Tear down will typically start after golfers have made there way to the golf course to begin play.


can G&G collaborate with a food/beverage provider?

Absolutely!  Feel free to partner us up with a local food or beverage provider that you have associated with your event – we’ll be happy to work alongside them to enhance the TravisMathew experience at your event!  PS – the TravisMathew Mobile Trailer has an on-board Kegerator available for use!


we’ve got options!

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Shopping experience

Simply tell us how many participants will be attending the event, an estimated amount of men and women that will be participating, and the value that each player will receive in the form of a gift card.  From there, we do the rest!  Your event participants will have the benefit of selecting from a full assortment of TravisMathew products and can choose to either stay within the gift card value or spend over by using their Visa or Mastercard.  Event Host is invoiced only for product sold.  Customized products are not an option with this experience.


tee gift experience

This experience allows you to provide customized products to your event participants.  We then bring a pre-determined package of products that are handed out at your event.  There is no ability for event participants to purchase any additional products at the event.  The Event Host is invoiced for all products customized regardless of the number of participants at the event


Hybrid Experience

Select one or more items that we customize and bring to your event and provide your event participants with a gift card which they can shop with!  This ensures the event participants walk away with at least one logo’d item, but also gives them the fun of a true TravisMathew Experience where they can spend up to or over the gift card amount.  Event Host is invoiced for all products customized regardless of the number of participants at the event plus what is sold through the shopping experience.  G&G Golf requires a full list of participant names and sizing involving the customized products.


what else?

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minimum spend & timeline

The minimum total spend in BC and Alberta is $10,000, and $5,000 in Ontario.  We prefer 60 days advanced booking.

**Experience is open to Green Grass Customers only


what’s needed beforehand?

We require access to the host venue for the event in advance in order to conduct a site inspection to scout the location for where the TravisMathew Experience will take place.

Depending upon the location of the TravisMathew Experience, the minimum space requirement may include an area 60’ wide x 45’ long.  Due to the length of the TravisMathew Experience truck and trailer (approx. 60 feet), some preferred locations may not be accessible in which case an alternate location at the host venue will be selected at the sole discretion of G&G Golf.


interested to learn more?

For any further inquiries please contact Scott Masse
(800) 661 0045 or by clicking the button below.